Bringing a Brand to Broadcast

DS60 approached Windsor Creative, looking for fresh, exciting content for placement on local and regional broadcast, as well as their social media channels. They knew their audience, and they knew the humour – it was our job to shoot and deliver!

Running production during a pandemic certainly has it’s fair share of challenges, but it also offered an opportunity to laugh a little bit at a gloomy time, and come up with this fun spot. While we all wish we could find ourselves a beach right about now, this spot is sure to add a little bit of sunshine to our local television stations! This one plays best with the sound on!

We had so much fun working on all the videos for DS60, but our clear favourite is this spot promoting their financing options. You’ll never believe what grandma did to afford a new roof in this ad! We used this feature specifically for promoting the DS60 brand across social media, with Facebook and Instagram video ads driving traffic back to the website. The campaign was a huge success and saw lots of engagement from their core demographics. Anytime you can produce content that gets people talking, you know you’re doing something right!


Let’s make your project look this good.

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